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Vietnamese Massage Amani Spa

Vietnamese massage in Abu Dhabi is known as a good mix of Southeast Asian therapies, primarily inspired by the Chinese healing art and a touch of Western cultures. at Amani Spa combine all the mentioned approaches to create a one-size-fits-all experience for both locals and expats.Replace the feeling of tension with liveliness, Amani Spa in Abu Dhabi offers you the best Vietnamese massage services by trained therapists providing massage services near to al wahda Mall - Al Manhal - Abu Dhabi. Though sharing some similarities with several massage techniques from Thai Massage , Vietnamese massage is unique and different in its therapy.Visit Amani Spa in Abu Dhabi at Grand Villaggio Hotel and Get the best fun and relaxing Vietnamese body massage where Vietnamese massage therapy uses the acupressure points knowledge as the backbone. Acupressure points are the crucial points that will promote blood circulation, relieving muscle tension and improving the body’s force (known as qi or chi) when pressed. In this way, Vietnamese massage is much different from Thai, Japanese and Swedish approaches.

Amani Spa

Amani Spa in Abu Dhabi offers their clients a unique and relaxing experience,including Vietnamese body massage at VIP rooms at Grand Villaggio Hotel As a professional massage center in abu dhabi , we thrive on sourcing for highest quality for Vietnamese massage treatments To learn more or schedule an appointment at our massage center, give us a call today!