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Luxury Moroccan Bath in Abu Dhabi

Best Moroccan Bath in Al Manhal Area

The Moroccan Bath Word or as we say it in abu dhabi Hammam Maghreb is possibly the oldest therapeutic treatment in the world. Hammam is essentially a type of bathhouse. They were traditionally the social center of the community, offering a place for people to meet, talk, and relax in a public setting.

At Amani Spa in al manhal near to alwahda mall We take you to the divine Moroccan Hammam by gathering a generous amount of fresh plants with exquisite oils to create a truly heavenly experience at luxury Moroccan bath in Abu Dhabi. where clients who schedule a Moroccan Bath in Abu Dhabi will be allocated one of our professtional qualified Asian massage therapists. The treatment is conducted in a luxurious and private steam room on top of a warm marble table.

Once you have chosen to enter the Moroccan bath in al manhal Area at Amani Spa the refreshing scent of the soap will enable you to relax and forget all your worries , and once the soap has had sufficient time to cleanse the skin, warm water is again used to wash the client. Next comes the exfoliation. The therapist will use an exfoliating glove washed in warm water to massage the skin in linear and circular motions.Some clients enjoy a full body oil massage prior to receiving a Moroccan Bath. If this is the case, the black Moroccan soap will remove any excess oil from the skin.Finally, the body is washed with warm water to remove any dead skin cells, oil, or residual soap. A mineral full-body mask is applied to moisturize and protect the skin.

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